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What Would Your Life Be Like In Another Country | Gidokblog

It’s fun to think about what your life might be like if you lived in another country. Would you spend more time outside? Would you likely make more money? What would your lifespan look like?

While it’s impossible to tell for sure until you actually do it, statistics can help give us a view into what life might be like across the globe. For instance, if you’re comparing the United States and Thailand’s statistics you see that Thai people are 72% less likely to be obese than Americans. This points to an overall healthier lifestyle.

If you’re looking at the same comparison chart, however, you will see that the average person in Thailand makes 70% less per year than those in the United States. Depending on your priorities, you may be more or less happy with a move there.

Even short moves can have significant results. For instance, if you’re comparing the United Kingdom and Switzerland you will see that the average Swiss citizen makes more money (29% more) and holds less debt (64% less). However, it’s slightly more likely that you would get murdered in Switzerland than the UK (19% more likely).

If you think those comparisons are fun, you should check out this tool that HireAHelper put together. You can compare stats like debt, income, percent of internet users, health issues like obesity, education spending, lifespan and employment rate. Check it out here!

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