6 Most Important Attributes Of Successful Bloggers

Blogging can be very successful or unsuccessful depending on the approach. Many people started blogging for the wrong reasons or should i say wrong mindset. For one to be successful as a blogger, the following attributes are very important. First the person must have the:


I would say that this very attribute is the most important of them all. Passion which has to do with a "very strong emotion" one has for something. For one to succeed as a blogger he/she must first have a very strong emotion for blogging, so if your passion for blogging is not very strong do not consider venturing into it cause you will be frustrated along the way.


Do not be a "copy and paste" kind of blogger rather maximize that intelligent mind God has given you and create your own posts. Most successful bloggers create there own post try and emulate them if you want to be as successful as they are.


As i always say that there is nothing you put yourself to with 100% commitment and with God's help to crown your efforts that fails to succeed. Always give the needed attention to your blog at all times. For your blog to be successful you have to prioritize your blog. Make it a duty to attend to your blog at least twice daily if you are in any niche aside News and Entertainment which you have to give almost 24hrs of your time daily to be successful.


To be a successful blogger you have to be consistent in it. Normally at first it might seem you are wasting your time because of the low amount of readership and blog traffic as well but that is a lie cause those articles you publish, people are really seeing them but some will just be watching to know how serious you are. So do not consider the traffic flow or readership rather continue doing that very thing you believe in and at the appropriate time the traffic will begin to increase.


This is a very important virtue that you should have as a blogger to be successful. When i say being disciplined i mean obeying various set rules and regulations. Let me take adsense for example, there are various rules and regulations that was put in place that must be obeyed, so as a disciplined blogger all you have to do is obey them and not default in any of them, that makes you disciplined in that aspect. So train yourself today to obey certain rules or code of behavior that is attached to blogging if you want to be successful.


Your blog should not be like any other blog, making it different from others is very important. There should be that special thing or attribute about your blog that makes people want to visit your blog just because of that very thing your blog possesses. Do not imitate others rather do it your own way.

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  1. I love all of these, but especially uniqueness!

  2. Great points, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, i appreciate.


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