How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog or Website Via Facebook Groups

  Traffic is the life of any blog/website, without huge or steady traffic flow to one's blog on a daily basis your blog can never be successful. So in this very article i am going to reveal this little trick that can drive massive traffic to your blog. <<Tested and Trusted>>


Join facebook groups with huge amount of members: Go to facebook search and type in a keyword that relates to your niche and click on search. After loading you will see the various categories which includes People, Pages, Events and Groups. Click on groups so that it shows you results of groups only, now start joining those groups with huge amount of members in it. Remember that you can always click on "See more results" to show you a whole lot more groups to join.

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Create or download images with interesting texts: create images with "Text Art" app or other numerous image creation apps there is and include a text in it, this very text can be a question, a solution to a mathematics test, politics, celebrity gists or any other text that can catch people's attention and kind of drive/urge them to comment on the post. You can also decide to write on an interesting image as well or you can download an already created image which you can always find on facebook either in pages or your news feeds as well if you have much active friends in your friends list. See a good example of what am talking about on the image below..

Source for true life or interesting stories: If you are good at imaginary writing, write one or source for interesting and captivating stories that when someone starts reading it he/she finds it very difficult to stop without reading the story to very end. You can find such stories all over the internet via facebook pages or google search.

Now let me tell you how you can drive massive traffic to your blog or website with the above requirements:

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By now i believe that you have joined facebook groups with huge amount of members, you have also created or downloaded images with interesting texts on it and i also believe that you have interesting stories that can have people's attention for a long time. If you have done all that then this very trick am about to reveal will definitely work for you.

The first trick has to do with the image you created/downloaded: 

Go to the very group you wish to post in and click on photo(ie upload photo) select the particular image you wish to use from your phone or computer as the case may be and after uploading the image edit the textbox and attach the post you wish to share from your blog along with the link in this manner.. 10 profitable work from home jobs<< CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO READ>>  http://www.gidokblog.com/2017/03/10-work-from-home-jobs-and-how-to-go.html

The second trick has to do with the interesting story you have:

Edit the textbox and type in the story and the attach the link of the post you wish to share from your blog in this manner.. So that it look neat.. 10 profitable work from home jobs. http://www.gidokblog.com/2017/03/10-work-from-home-jobs-and-how-to-go.html

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