How To Manage or Maximize Low Income

The earnest desire of every man is to have that huge income flow but most times getting that job that guarantees that is not easy to come-by, So in this case one has to make do with what is available at the moment.

Struggling young couple

In this very piece i will outline and explain the various ways to effectively maximize that low income that you earn so as to satisfy your needs.

You can agree with me that it is not always about how much you earn that matters but how well you manage the much you earn cause the rich and famous we have in the world today did not just get to where they are at the moment by magic but rather most of them started with just a low income at there disposal and applied the following steps below:

Avoid Debt:

Every debtor is a slave to the creditor. Try your best to live a life free of debt cause when one's income is dependant on a salary you see that once you owe someone and you are expectant of your salary come month end, the majority of the salary goes to your creditor living you with little or nothing after remitting your debts. I know that most times it's very difficult to avoid but if you can try your best possible to avoid debts so that your income can be used for other important things.

Be Contented:

Almost everyone would love to live that luxurious life no doubt but with low income that kind of life is just unattainable. Try to be contented with that little you get and not try to live that life or buy that expensive cloth and shoes because Mr A/B bought, my dear all fingers are not equal and to everything on earth there is a season. Be satisfied with that less expensive cloth and shoes at your disposal, your season will surely come.

Set your priority right:

In life we have needs but basically some are more important than the others it's now left for you to ascertain which one to discard in order to satisfy the other cause sometimes we tend to neglect this little things and end up doing the wrong things at the right time. Draw a chart representing those most important needs of yours so as to help manage that low income flow.

Spend less on transport and trek more:

People spend a lot on transport on daily basis without knowing, well that's not a big deal if you have that huge income flow but when your income is low you just have to trek more and spend less on transport. I an not saying that you should trek a thousand mile on a daily basis, that's not my point. My point is this; some people do not like to stress themselves at all thereby spending a lot of money jumping from one cab to another when they could actually decide to stress those legs a little and use the money for some other vital needs. So try your best to spend less on your transportation and stress those legs a little, it's part of exercise you know..

Make a budget before time:

It is very important that you outline specifically what and what you will spend your income on before it comes so that you do not get confused and utilize your income on irrelevant things. Proper planning can help maximize that low income of yours effectively.

Stick to your plan:

It is not enough to have that perfect plan and expect it to work out perfectly. It is very important that you stick to that very plan of yours and not let anything or anyone make you do otherwise and in the process you end up deviating from your earlier plan which may lead to some miscellaneous spendings that are irrelevant. So always stick to that plan of yours no matter the pressure.

In conclusion: it is not about how much you earn but how well you spend. "Keep that in mind".

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10 Work From Home Jobs And How To Go About It

You are here probably because you want a part-time job to supplement your current job or you are unemployed at the moment and in search of a job that is profitable and do not require that huge capital to start up. If that is the case then you are at the right place cause in this guide i will show you some legal, legitimate and profitable work from home jobs and how to go about it as well.

Father and daughter having fun as he work

Before i go into the nitty gritty i will like to let you know that enough have been published already about this very topic but the problem or reason why it hasn't worked for some people is because some people do not commit a 100% and gives up along the line. Before this will work for you, your commitment should be maximum. So here they are..

1. Blogging:

Blogging is right there at the top-list of the most trusted, efficient and consistent work from home jobs in the world today. There are various ways you can make money from blogging, like affiliate marketing, advertisements, Google AdSense, sponsored posts and a whole lot more.

2. Football betting:

Football betting has liberated many people from poverty even people that i know personally though it involves some amount of risk but if you want to engage in it i advice that you play with what you can afford to lose. The most trusted sites that i know are bet365.com and bet9ja.com for Nigerians.

3. Creative writing:

Are you creative in writing educative and engaging contents? If yes, what are you waiting for? There are a whole lot of companies that are willing to hire you and pay you real cash just for writing articles for them. Checkout sites like constant-content.com, freelancer.com, contentmart.com, upwork.com and craigslist.org.

4. Google AdSense:

When it comes to advertising platforms Google AdSense is unarguably the best so far. It is an advertising platform that allows bloggers and publishers place their various ad units on there sites and earn a fortune out of it.

5. Facebook groups:

Facebook groups can earn you a lot of money. Do you have a group that have a whole lot of followers/members? If you have one know it today that there are a whole lot of bloggers or other site owner that want to reach out to a larger audience and are always willing to buy those groups. So if you have the skill to engage people in a group and gain a whole lot of audience, that can be a huge source of income.

6. Paid online surveys:

There are various paid online companies that are willing to pay you just for merely submitting your views and comments on what you feel about there products and services. So just imagine filling out a form online from the comfort of your home and getting paid.. Sounds nice right? Why not give it a try at www.surveyeah.com

7. YouTube skits:

Creating interesting videos and uploading to YouTube has made a lot of people millionaires today. So if you are talented at making funny skits, educative videos or any engaging video or skits that will make people go WOW! and want to view it over and over again then don't just let your talent waste, make that video and make some money out of it. NB: you must have an AdSense account for this.

8. Selling EBook:

Do you have an information that you would love people to read about? If yes then you can make an electronic version(ebook) of it and sell to people and make some money out of it.

9. Web design:

Do you have website designing skills? If yes then get ready to make some money from the comfort of your home because a lot of individuals and companies are looking for people like yourself to design there websites and you get paid handsomely just by doing what you call fun (that's the beauty of the web)

10. Forex trading:

Forex trading which involves trading currency online at an agreed exchange price on the over-the-counter (OTC) market. A lot of people trade forex all over the world but as i earlier warned on the 2nd point on this guide "trade with what you can afford to lose because of high risk involved".

How to go about it (safe guides)

As there are many real and profitable work from home jobs so also there are scammers all over the web eagerly waiting to dupe people of there hard earned money. So you have to be very careful so you don't fall a victim. You should be able to distinguish between the real and fake work from home jobs. You may ask yourself how do i do that? Good! The real work from home jobs will NEVER charge you anything or ask you to submit credit or debit card details to complete a certain transaction. So whenever someone requires any of those from you in a quest to complete a transaction then know it's not real. Be vigilant.

The internet has done a great good to our world today and has also made a lot of things easier all that is needed to maximize it's full potentials is dedication and commitment. So when you engage in that very work you love doing, give it your very best, try to be unique and believe me you will be financially stable in no time.

Do you have other real work from home jobs that i skipped or failed to mention? Feel free to mention them in the comment box below.

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How Failure Lead To Success

Failure which is an act of being unsuccessful in a certain task or endeavor can lead to your success story IF you do not give up.

You can believe with me that 99% of all success stories are built on failures, delays and mistakes. It is never an abomination that one fails in an exam or task rather it is a wake up call to correct what made you fail at first and then give it another shot.

As the holy book rightly says that "delay is not denial" in other words whatever will be will surely be.

History made us to know that the inventor of light bulb "Thomas Edison" failed one thousand (1000) times in his quest to invent the light bulb that you and i enjoy today but yet he did not give up and that led to his success. The famous basket baller "Michael Jordan" lost almost 300 games, missed over 900 shots and failed to score the games winning shot 26 games and when asked the reason behind his success he says that it all boils down to his constant failure that those failures motivated him to shoot for success.


Believe: Have that believe first in yourself and secondly in what you do, never let anyone or any thought make you believe that are not good enough or you cannot succeed. Always have that self belief in your abilities and capabilities and you will surely succeed.

Perseverance: Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan would not have succeeded if they did not persevere. It takes perseverance to try something over and over again even after getting many rejections and failing countless times. No matter how many times you fail always persevere and you will surely succeed at it one day.

Focus: Never let any factor make you lose your focus, always be mindful of what goes on in and around you and also be mindful of the thoughts you welcome so you don't miss the mark.

Giving Up: This thought should never be considered cause it's never an option as the saying goes "Quiters never win and Winners never Quit" take note of that.

N.B: When you fail, do a review. What do i mean by that? Trying outlining what actually led to your failure and look for ways to correct your errors or mistakes so you don't fail and that very task again. Remember "Every step you take draws you closer and closer to Success.
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What is the best way to educate our young one's on SEX?

This is a very important topic that we seldom talk about and parents sometimes feel ashamed to educate the young one's about it.

Most schools don't include SEX education in their curriculum and it is very dangerous when the young one's are not properly informed and educated about it. This makes them vulnerable cause some unscrupulous men may tend to take advantage of there innocent minds.

So i ask what is the best or most efficient way of educating the young one's on SEX?
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Never Live To Impress Human

Every human created by God is unique in one way or another. Science made us understand that during sexual intercourse hundreds of sperm are released into the vagina but only one survives and reproduces, that is enough reason to make you know that you are special.

In every being created by God lies one special gift or talent, that one thing that when you engage yourself in it, you find it very easy and simple because it's already in you, so your job now is digging deep and discovering it and nurture it so as to be the very best in it.

Never engage in any activity Mr A or Mrs B wants you to but rather engage in it because you find joy and happiness engaging in it regardless of what people say or feel.

This is what happens when you live your life to impress Mr A or Mrs B

1. You will not be good at it.

2. You will not be happy living that life.

3. When you fall short finding you way back is always difficult.

4. Even when you eventually succeeds, right inside you won't feel joy and fulfilment.

5. When you live life to impress you always see yourself living a fake life.

6. Impressing human is almost impossible.

But when you live your life not thinking of impressing anybody..

1. You feel absolute joy and happiness.

2. You can always find your way back when you fall short.

3. When you succeed in anything you have joy and fulfilment.

4. Everything about this life is real.

5. You feel less tension.

6. No one can live this life better than yourself.

Main causes of living a life to impress others and how to overcome..

I will say that the main causes are low self esteem and No self confidence.

Whenever your self esteem is low and you have no confidence in yourself, you will always be a victim of this life.

Work on your self esteem and confidence by having faith and belief in your abilities and capabilities, not getting intimidated by someone else's achievements "cause you know what"? It's only a matter of time before you achieve same and even more (so far you work hard).

In conclusion: Your destiny is not in the hands of any being but only in the hands of God, So only live your life to impress your Creator.

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Having Control Over Your Emotions

It is without doubt that we show our real self/character when we get very angry, do you agree with me on that? I guess you do.

Emotions which is a strong feeling of either joy or anger, the anger part of it is where my i will focus on in this write-up.

Anger is a state of mind caused by strong displeasure. I will say that it is absolutely natural and normal to get angry cause that is just the way we were created. But my worry is sometimes some people do some crazy and unimaginable things when they get angry which they regret later on when they are sober and most time we found out that the particular reason why we lost our cool and probably made some utterances or did some unimaginable things all in the name of anger was not just worth it, trust me.

I know that some people can really really be annoying but even at that taking action almost immediately can never make things better cause no decision taken in anger can ever be helpful. Finding it difficult controlling your anger? After reading the control measures below you will find it easier from today.

                      How To Control Your Anger 

Take a deep breath: Our breath tend to rush when we are angry which is not a good thing. Just take a moment and take a deep breath cause speedy breath can only increase your anger.

Do not talk: keeping quiet is key in this situation cause talking in the heat of the moment can only worsen the situation, I know it is quite difficult to hold back without expressing yourself verbally but that will not solve the problem so keep still.

Think less about it: Do not think of what was said or done to you that made you lose your cool, as a popular saying says "situations are either good or bad but thinking makes it so" (my favourite quote actually)

Take a glass of cold water: It sounds funny but it is very effective because it can help cool and stabilize your body temperature thereby restoring a degree of calmness in your body and mind.

Take a walk: Taking a long walk can help reduce the stress and tension, restore calm and also make avoid saying or doing things that you will regret later.

Dialogue: One funny thing about anger is that it varnishes under little time especially when the damage has already been done. After taking that long walk, sit down with the person you had misunderstanding or problem with and have a talk with the person, stating what and what the person did that you do not like and he/she will in turn speak his/her mind about your differences and trust me this time around you both will be in the right state of mind to settle your differences amicably.

So you see anger is no big deal but we make it one. If you can apply those control measures whenever you get angry, there will not be any cause for alarm.

Quote of reference: "Situations are either good or bad but thinking makes it so"

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Happy Birthday To Me

It is all by God's grace that am still alive today, celebrating yet another birthday.

I may not have all the Wealth in the world but am still alive which is the most important thing cause i believe with time all those will come.

You are alive today that is enough reason to give thanks to the most high God.

All i can say is "Thank You Jesus" for adding another year to years today.

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Happy Valentine's Day Celebration

To all my beloved readers and visitors as well, I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day.

Without you there is no gidokblog, your continuous patronage drives and motivates me the more. 

Make today the most memorable day for that special someone, regardless of that busy schedules of yours map out time to show that special someone how special he/she is to you.

From me to you..…..
                                     Have a Blast!!!!
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