How to get rid of whooping cough at home

by Xubi Thu

What is whooping-cough?

Whooping-cough is a common disease in young children which mainly acute respiratory infections caused by bacteria Bordetella pertussis and very contagious. According to WHO statistics, there are around 30-50 million people worldwide each year suffer from pertussis, of whom around 300,000 deaths, most of them under 1 year of age and in the underdeveloped countries. The disease is easily spread through the respiratory tract.

Causes of whooping-cough

The main cause of whooping-cough is invasion of the Bordetella pertussis bacteria into the upper respiratory tract and then localized and developed in the epithelium of the larynx, trachea, where the bacteria will Produces a toxin called Pertussis toxin - the main virulent protein that plays a role in the disease. In the days of frequent wet weather, neither hot nor cold air is the ideal condition for Bordetella pertussis to grow and thrive. Young children are susceptible to this disease.

The symptoms of whooping-cough in children.

     When infected with Bordetella pertussis, the children may have a mild fever or no fever, followed by dry cough, sneezing, runny nose, increased coughing at night, and coughing.

     The cough becomes more and more typical when the children is getting heavier, coughing suddenly occurs the time of day, the children can cough continuously for a while, then gradually decrease. If cough lasts longer, it can make children tired, uncomfortable, red eyes, watery eyes, and when children breathe, there will be hissing sounds like chicken hiss.

     If parents do not detect and intervene early for children to allow children to cough constantly prolonged, the children will become increasingly tired, can breathe fast and can’t eat. When the children cough with white sputum and vomiting, it gradually can cause serious respiratory failure of the children.

     In the early stages of illness, the children will have mild coughing episodes. The incubation period of whooping-cough is 7 to 10 days make the children become more cough with runny nose. When you breathe, there will be hissing like a hiss of the chicken. If it is not detected early and treated, the disease becomes worse, leading to coughing, loss of appetite, fatigue, tearing of the nose. After coughing, the children often blush or difficulty breathing due to the cough not enough oxygen to breathe, gradually causing respiratory failure. When the children do not have enough oxygen to breathe, it leads to acute respiratory failure and the children can die.

According to national immunization regulations and schedules, the children should vaccinate three full doses of whooping-cough vaccine to gain the highest preventive effect of up to 90%.

Stay away from people with signs of whooping-cough, if someone in the family who has whooping-cough is in need of treatment, the other member should wear a face mask when in close contact with the patient and direction of treatment. You check whole family because the disease is very contagious through the air.

How to treat whooping-cough in the children

      For older children who have whooping cough and uncomplicated complications, they will treat with specific antibiotics within 10 to 14 days as directed, avoiding the use tranquilizers, dysmenorrhea and antihistamines because these drugs are not effective but also dangerous for patient.

      Whooping-cough is usually treated with antibiotics and early treatment that is very important. Treatment can make infection less serious before the coughs develop. The treatment also helps prevent the spread of the disease to those in close contact (who spend more time around the infected person).  The treatment after 3 weeks of illness is almost ineffective because the bacteria have disappeared from the body of the children, even if the children still has symptoms. This is because bacteria have hurt the body of the children.

      For infants less than 6 months of age need inpatient treatment in the hospital, mothers should supply nutrients to children to increase the resistance, the child to eat liquid foods, and breastfeed many times during the day when they wants.

      During the treatment, the children should drink plenty of water, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, fresh fruit juices or eat easy-to-eat foods such as porridge, milk ...
The above are the causes and home remedies for whooping-cough, hopefully the article will bring a lot of useful information.

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7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

1. Natural remedy for headache: 

Water is a natural remedy for headache which is normally caused by dehydration.

2. Water helps improve the complexion of the skin:

When the skin is dehydrated it causes your skin to look dry and rough, so in this case you just have to improve your skins complexion with proper hydration which makes your skin look fresh, smooth and glowing.

3. Helps to relieve stress and fatigue:

Whenever you feel stressed out and fatigue, drinking a glass of water can help relieve the stress and also energize your body as well.

4. Reduces calories and helps in weight loss:

Drinking lots of water which helps eradicate by-product of fat and as substitute to eating foods with higher calories can help in weight loss.

5. Helps eradicate toxins:

Drinking water helps eradicate toxins through our body excretes like sweat and urine thereby reduces the risk of kidney stones.

6. Helps boost the immune system:

When one drinks water regularly the person is unlikely to get sick because drinking water regularly helps to fight ailments naturally.

7. Refreshes the body and makes you feel real good:

Drinking water regularly can help keep the body refreshed and alive at all times.

Image credit:Getty images 

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The Most difficult decision you have made in life

A little break from the norm

This very post is meant to educate, inform and enlighten someone in the sense that what ever decision you have made in the past and have seen the outcome it can help someone else who should find him or herself in same situation tomorrow.

So feel free to share with me(if you don't mind)  and in the process educate, enlighten and inform someone else today.. 
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What You Think Today Shapes Your Future

Our mind which is also subconscious in nature is susceptible to many negative vices that is why it is very important to always keep our thoughts and minds safe from all those negative vices by simply being mindful of what we think.

You might want to ask yourself what and what do i actually think about most often? What is my thoughts limited to? Are those thoughts credible?

Take your time and provide an answer to all those questions cause what you think today shapes your tomorrow.

Most times people tend to limit there thinking to the difficulties they are facing at the moment, the worries and stress of life and thinking about those problems and difficulties everyday will only lead to limiting your mind in the sense that you can only see yourself in and around those circumstances, can't see beyond that cause of those thoughts of yours.

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Our actions and reactions in life today are all products of our thoughts yesterday and what our tomorrow will look like will be as a result of what we think today.

Turn your mind from that subconscious kind of mind to that conscious mind by always keeping your mind in check, be in total control, be the decider, that way you can shape your tomorrow the way you want it to be.

What you think today shapes your tomorrow in the sense that what you think today is able to determine what your future will become. What does that imply? It implies that if you think about the difficulties, failures, worries and stress of this life it will not change anything rather it will limit your thinking, making it very difficult to see beyond those unpleasant circumstances.

So you need to change the way you think today if you are not satisfied with it's current state.

Put an end to those negative thoughts that tends to limit your way of thinking and start thinking in an optimistic and positive manner.

Make it a part of you today, Always think of being the very best in anything you embark on and also try and discover your very purpose in life, work towards it and believe that you can achieve it.

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6 Most Important Attributes Of Successful Bloggers

Blogging can be very successful or unsuccessful depending on the approach. Many people started blogging for the wrong reasons or should i say wrong mindset. For one to be successful as a blogger, the following attributes are very important. First the person must have the:


I would say that this very attribute is the most important of them all. Passion which has to do with a "very strong emotion" one has for something. For one to succeed as a blogger he/she must first have a very strong emotion for blogging, so if your passion for blogging is not very strong do not consider venturing into it cause you will be frustrated along the way.


Do not be a "copy and paste" kind of blogger rather maximize that intelligent mind God has given you and create your own posts. Most successful bloggers create there own post try and emulate them if you want to be as successful as they are.


As i always say that there is nothing you put yourself to with 100% commitment and with God's help to crown your efforts that fails to succeed. Always give the needed attention to your blog at all times. For your blog to be successful you have to prioritize your blog. Make it a duty to attend to your blog at least twice daily if you are in any niche aside News and Entertainment which you have to give almost 24hrs of your time daily to be successful.


To be a successful blogger you have to be consistent in it. Normally at first it might seem you are wasting your time because of the low amount of readership and blog traffic as well but that is a lie cause those articles you publish, people are really seeing them but some will just be watching to know how serious you are. So do not consider the traffic flow or readership rather continue doing that very thing you believe in and at the appropriate time the traffic will begin to increase.


This is a very important virtue that you should have as a blogger to be successful. When i say being disciplined i mean obeying various set rules and regulations. Let me take adsense for example, there are various rules and regulations that was put in place that must be obeyed, so as a disciplined blogger all you have to do is obey them and not default in any of them, that makes you disciplined in that aspect. So train yourself today to obey certain rules or code of behavior that is attached to blogging if you want to be successful.


Your blog should not be like any other blog, making it different from others is very important. There should be that special thing or attribute about your blog that makes people want to visit your blog just because of that very thing your blog possesses. Do not imitate others rather do it your own way.

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How To Stay Strong During Difficult Times

Difficult times comes with a lot of negative negligence, depression, devastation, hopelessness, rejection, and dejection that if not well taken care of mentally, emotionally and spiritually can drain one's will, belief and self-confidence.

Life is not a bed of roses and bearing that in mind can really help in your cause, what you should also keep in mind is that difficult times are temporal and as such can only last for a while.

Image credit:Getty images

I made that statement out of my own personal experience in life. Know it that whatsoever difficulty you are experiencing in your life today it's not new on earth cause a whole lot of people have experienced such and survived. Below are some things you can do during difficult times to stay strong...

Avoid stressing and worrying about it 

I read an article about stress and worry that kind of educated me the more about stress and worry. In that very article the writer talked about an illustration with a glass of water which a teacher used to illustrate to her students in a class lecture. Making the students understand that it doesn't matter the absolute weight of the glass of water that what matters is how long she holds the glass of water.

She went ahead to say that if she holds it for an hour, she would have an ache in her arm, for a day her arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass does not change, but the longer she holds it, the heavier it becomes.

So you see that the stress or worries of this life are like glass of water, think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them for a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed, incapable of doing anything. It's very important to remember to let go of your stress and worries as early as in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down. Do not carry them through the evening and into the night. Remember to put the glass down. You can also read this very article on this blog i published one time ago where i wrote exclusively about How to live a stress free life and it's benefits. 

Maintain Positivity:

Obviously many negative thoughts flows through one's mind during difficult times but it is paramount that you try as much as you can to remain positive, maintain that positive vibe in your thoughts and actions.

Reject, neglect and discard every negative vibe coming from people around because believe me a greater percentage of people that comes to inquire of your well-being at this trying time of your life are not genuine. They do not have your best interest at heart, they sympathize with you in front of you and goes behind your back to mock you. So maintain that positive energy and neglect their talks.

Take things easy:

Do not take it to be a do or die affair, take it one step at a time believing that one day you will look for those problems and they will be no where to be found. Easy does it.


Always remember those difficulties you are experiencing in your prayers cause he is the master of peace, in him there is joy, happiness and peace of mind that man can never give you even with all the wealth in this world. God can turn that difficult situation around for the best.

So i say, Do not stress and worry about that difficult situation, take things easy, maintain that positive energy and also remember those problems in your prayers and when the time is right everything will be all right.

Do share post to help other people experiencing difficulties as well... 
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Difficult Roads Always Lead To Successful Destination

Difficulty which is the quality of something that makes it hard to do as the popular saying which says and i quote "Nothing good comes easy" that is an unarguable fact if you ask me.

In the quest to be successful in our various niche in life we encounter many hurdles and difficulties which can only lead to a very successful destination IF you do not give up. 

Image credit : Getty images

Let me take blogging as a case study cause that is the very niche am in. Blogging has made many people rich and famous today reason being that they persisted despite the difficulties they met on the road, believe me blogging can be frustrating at times especially when you are a newbie in it, still trying to drive huge traffic to your blog. 

The likes of Linda Ikeji of lindaikejisblog.com, Michael Arrington of techcrunch.com, Peter Cashmore of mashable.com, Jide of ogbongeblog.com, Mario Larandeira a.k.a Perez Hilton of perezhilton.com, Omoyele sowore of saharareporters.com and Uche Eze of bellanaija.com who earns millions of dollars on a monthly basis via blogging. Note: that those bloggers i listed above did not just rise to stardom overnight but they all have stories to tell. It was all down to perseverance and belief in self abilities that led to there success. 

Let me take the case of Linda Ikeji whom at the early stages of her blogging carrier always visits public Internet providers known as cyber cafe to publish new posts on her blog and as a blogger that can be very stressful and expensive as well but that did not prevent her from blogging cause the passion and the will to succeed was there. She was not born with a silver spoon as she struggled to see herself through school by engaging in part time jobs like waitressing, modeling and writing. 

So you see that it is not how difficult the road is that determines if you will be successful in life but how consistent and persistent you are in that very craft that you have huge passion for that will determine how successful your destination would be at the very end. 

Even the Holy scripture attest to that in the book of Matthew 7:14 (kjv) where it says that "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it". 

In Conclusion no matter how difficult the road is, the key is to never relent, never give up, persist and remain consistent in what you do and your destination will surely be a success. 

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How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog or Website Via Facebook Groups

  Traffic is the life of any blog/website, without huge or steady traffic flow to one's blog on a daily basis your blog can never be successful. So in this very article i am going to reveal this little trick that can drive massive traffic to your blog. <<Tested and Trusted>>


Join facebook groups with huge amount of members: Go to facebook search and type in a keyword that relates to your niche and click on search. After loading you will see the various categories which includes People, Pages, Events and Groups. Click on groups so that it shows you results of groups only, now start joining those groups with huge amount of members in it. Remember that you can always click on "See more results" to show you a whole lot more groups to join.

Image credit: Getty images
Create or download images with interesting texts: create images with "Text Art" app or other numerous image creation apps there is and include a text in it, this very text can be a question, a solution to a mathematics test, politics, celebrity gists or any other text that can catch people's attention and kind of drive/urge them to comment on the post. You can also decide to write on an interesting image as well or you can download an already created image which you can always find on facebook either in pages or your news feeds as well if you have much active friends in your friends list. See a good example of what am talking about on the image below..

Source for true life or interesting stories: If you are good at imaginary writing, write one or source for interesting and captivating stories that when someone starts reading it he/she finds it very difficult to stop without reading the story to very end. You can find such stories all over the internet via facebook pages or google search.

Now let me tell you how you can drive massive traffic to your blog or website with the above requirements:

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By now i believe that you have joined facebook groups with huge amount of members, you have also created or downloaded images with interesting texts on it and i also believe that you have interesting stories that can have people's attention for a long time. If you have done all that then this very trick am about to reveal will definitely work for you.

The first trick has to do with the image you created/downloaded: 

Go to the very group you wish to post in and click on photo(ie upload photo) select the particular image you wish to use from your phone or computer as the case may be and after uploading the image edit the textbox and attach the post you wish to share from your blog along with the link in this manner.. 10 profitable work from home jobs<< CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO READ>>  http://www.gidokblog.com/2017/03/10-work-from-home-jobs-and-how-to-go.html

The second trick has to do with the interesting story you have:

Edit the textbox and type in the story and the attach the link of the post you wish to share from your blog in this manner.. So that it look neat.. 10 profitable work from home jobs. http://www.gidokblog.com/2017/03/10-work-from-home-jobs-and-how-to-go.html

You can leave your questions and contributions in the comment box below....
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Some lovely pictures from my cousin sister's traditional marriage

It was indeed an eventful day on Monday the 17th day of April 2017 at my cousin sister's traditional marriage.. See some of the lovely pictures below..

My prayer is that God Almighty will bless your union.. <<Amen>>
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4 Vital Steps To Financial Freedom

The one struggle of all time has been to attain financial freedom by any means possible irrespective of backgrounds and class.

Life in it's whole self gives you the challenges to make it either worse or better, therefore the need to be able to meet up to all your financial needs arises daily. Take a look at this 4 vital steps that will guide you to attain this freedom..

1. Put God First:

We can always try but without God in our plan, it can never be a success. So for the below steps to work out you must put God first.

2. Planning:

A saying goes that he who fails to plan has already planned to fail. There is no way things can be in their proper order if not by planning. A good plan gets you ready for most things to come like A good life, A good wife, Car, Houses and the rest of them. This also involves good decision when you take your time to decide on the best plans for yourself, it goes a million miles for your life.

3. Equip Yourself:

No one goes to the battlefield without an instrument to combat the enemy. You should equip yourself with a carrier, a job, a business or any sort to be able to meet your needs. Money has never grown on trees, so before you attain financial freedom, there must be a technical knowhow embedded within you to tackle the situation.

A doctor who sits at home with his profession can never attain financial freedom if he does not practice. Same with an engineer who has failed to master the rudiments in building, same with an accountant whom has not been able to account for various things put under his care even if you do not have the opportunity to see the four walls of the university. Learning a trade, a handwork and the rest of them is a gateway to survival. Dstv, Reality and Fashion shows on the television can never put money in your pocket. So wake up today and equip yourself more so you can absorb. Every knowledge you acquire today is always going to be useful tomorrow.

4. I Can Do It Spirit:

This may not work for everybody but it works for most people, be among the most and take up challenges from people particularly for most women, they have come to believe that all they need to do is dress well with good make-up and the man of their dream will locate them while most women are out there carving a niche for themselves in so many areas profitable to them even when married. Most women have turned bread winners when the man became weak or incapacitated.

When you motivate yourself and believe you can do anything, definitely you can . Do not look at the physical appearance of that person, take that which is inward and use it to develop your own self. Always see the actions of others as challenges to you. Do not castigate, abuse or find faults that are unnecessary, always believe that those things that Mr A does, you can as well do and even better.

In conclusion: let your failures be your lessons, learning from the mistakes you made will always bring out the best in you tomorrow. Manage the resources within your reach today and you will see them grow into big empires and conglomerates because once there is life, Hope is always a possibility.
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