Tropidoc.com, a new platform that provides a channel for patients to instantly reserve spots in scarce and difficult to find specialist clinics currently covers Abuja and recently opened up Nasarawa as they continue their gradual nationwide expansion.

Tropidoc indexes clinics that run within health facilities and hospitals and helps patients to reserve spots in those clinics. Patients can find when a particular specialist clinic will run in a particular hospital within the week and can go ahead and reserve an appointment to consult with the specialist. 

Plagued with shortage of health care specialists, it takes an average two to three weeks and multiple referrals to find and reserve appointments to see specialists in most tertiary health institutions in Nigeria. However several of these specialist clinics run in various hospitals daily. Tropidoc eliminates this problem by providing a platform where patients can instantly find these clinics and reserve appointments instantly, including same-day appointments.
Patients can also review hospitals and clinics they have visited. These reviews are unique because only patients that have actually kept an appointment with a clinic can actually review it. Tropidoc also benefits hospitals as it provides them wider visibility and helps them attract new patients

About Tropidoc

Tropidoc was founded by a team of two doctors and an engineer - Drs Kizito Egeonu and Mak Milaham and Engr Charles Nwocha.

Frustrated by how difficult it is to get their referred patients to see a specialist as soon as possible and how difficult to find specialist clinics to refer to, the trio set out to code this project. They bring a combined 8 years experience in healthcare and extensive entrepreneurial experience in various fields to the table.
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Get Your Business Listed on Nigeria's Largest Coupon Book

“ENJOY-LAGOS” is a Discount Publication Project aimed at stimulating the local economy while offering attractive discounts to shoppers, tourists and visitors to Lagos state. ENJOY AFRICA Discounts & Tours is its parent company.

ENJOY-LAGOS will collate thousands of special offers and rebates from local retailers, and make them available to the public. Their quarterly publication would contain about 350 Coupon Pages of discounts worth over 5 million Naira.

To be distributed to

  • Domestic and International Airports

  • Local and International Airlines

  • Duty Free Shops

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Malls

  • Tourist, Arts and Culture Centers

“ENJOY-LAGOS” also seeks to be the largest operator of Africa-tours in exposing tourists and visitors alike to Africa's endless picturesque beaches, sun-touched sand dunes, and open blue skies at an affordable cost.

This project is aimed at being the most trusted guide to discovering Africa's 54 countries each with its own proud history, flourishing arts and culture, diverse urban and rural inhabitants, and culinary indulgences through their discount offers.

In promoting travel, tourism and transport to and within Africa; “ENJOY-LAGOS” will also be promoting the sustainable development and preservation of each country's unique cultural heritage in an effort to advocate for Africa as a leading global travel destination.

Enjoy-Lagos is the ideal leisure handbook
For every household, it caters to every class of shoppers.
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Rejection comes with loads of Positives

Let That Rejection Drive You

What exactly does that word rejection really mean in this very context?

Rejection in this very context is the state of being abandoned, deserted, forsaken, refused and jilted. 

All this feelings can be as a result of the ill treatments gotten from friends, family, firms, peer groups or the society at large. This treatments can be as a result of one's present state financially, Academically and otherwise which can only get better with time so far as there is life.

The world is never a bed of roses as we all know, Everyone on earth have trying times that can either make or mar you depending on your approach.

Like a good friend of mine once said and i quote "that he cannot remember the last time he cried because it's been long not because the world is too rosy or he do not have reasons to or have never been rejected, considered not good enough or stuffs like that but he knows that being rejected or considered not good enough is to him a wake up call and not a time to cry, feel pity, sorrow and accept rejection rather it is an opportunity to look into yourself, improve and work on your weaknesses and return strong". 

Being rejected comes with loads of positives if you take it the right way, Rejection acts as a catalyst in one's life because it helps discover those hidden talents and potentials in you that you never knew you had and actually putting them to work.

Do you have that still, craft or whatsoever you have strong believe in and you are getting rejections left, right and center? Do not be traumatized by that rather brace yourself up and let that very rejection drive you so that the next time you do that same thing of which you got those rejections they will have no other reason not to accept your work and that is down to the extra work you put into that very craft because of the rejection you got.

I would love to conclude by saying that the positives that comes with rejection should overwhelm it's negatives in your life so that all the trauma and depression that comes with rejection can be conquered.

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Greater Percentage of Man's Problems is Self-made

Do you believe that? Maybe after reading this very article you will be convinced that greater Percentage of Man's Problems is Self-made.

It is without doubt that there are evil forces, powers(both seen and unseen), demons and spiritual wickedness in high places that tend to disrupt our progress in life but that notwithstanding, greater percentage of the problems one face or encounters in life is within.

I will like to give some instances that will make you align with my verdict on this and if you have such problem you then know the right approach in getting it solved.


This has been a major menace in the world today. There are many factors that are major causes of this.. It can be as a result of poor governance, inability to ascertain the area one is very good at, lack of perseverance, fear of leaving someone's comfort zone, not taking that bold step forward, laziness and the list goes on and on.

You would notice that out of all the factors listed above just one has to do with the government's incompetence while others are Self-made. If you should dig deep in the life of anyone that is unemployed today you will find out that the person is the primary cause of it and not anyone else.


From my research recently and owing to the recent occurrences around me i found out that everyone in life gets an opportunity or numerous opportunities in their lifetime and the way or manner they utilize those opportunities is what determines if they will be rich or poor in life.

So for anyone that is poor today, that should be as a result of the way the person utilized the opportunities gotten in life.


There are certain principles to succeeding in life that if not properly adopted will only lead to failure(that is the fact)

As i earlier mentioned in this very article that some evil people use charms to manipulate people's destinies in life but most times we bring it upon ourselves due to our carelessness and nonchalant attitude. The only Solution to this is to distance ourselves from those people that we know are evil and trade with caution then focus on working hard to be successful with this you will definitely succeed.

Our major problem has always been our mindset and the consciousness of this charms effect on our well-being. If you can discard such mindset and focus solely on achieving your goals and being successful i assure you that you will definitely succeed.

In Conclusion: Remember that the only way forward is forward, do not adopt that mindset that there is a witch or wizard somewhere that is responsible for your problems cause greater percentage of one's problem is within, work on yourself first. 
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Humility Can Be Your Key To Success

It's yet another day beautiful people and yet another new post to educate and inform you all. In this very post i would love to write about this very attribute ie "Humility" that can be your key to success.

Let me outline some definitions from the web of humility so you have a coherent view and understanding of what am talking about..

humility according to top google description is the quality of having a modest or low view of one's importance.

humility according to Bible description means meekness, lowliness and absence of self.

humility according to Wikipedia is the characteristics of being humble; humbleness in character and behavior.

Now moving on, Humility is one vital characteristic one should possess if you wish to be successful.

Let me talk a little about the first definition which is the quality of having a modest or low view of one's importance. (I love this very definition).

You see, most rich and famous people you see today had this very characteristic and some still have it till now. They did not attain those heights by being arrogant and proud but rather they were humble doing some menial jobs, being humble even to their younger one's and in some cases taken all the insults as well, you know why? Because they have a target.

A target that keeps them going even in the midst of all the insults they get from their boss. To achieve this very feet, one has to take full control of self.

Self control which is the ability to master one's desires and impulses. Learn to be in total control of self no matter the impulses you get from your surroundings and people.

As the holy scripture made us understand that "Pride comes before fall" 

No firm will like to employ someone that is proud and No rich man will like to help someone that is proud as well, they all look at your attitude before deciding to help or get you employed.

Sometimes i pause to reminisce on self and after reminiscing i come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing in this world that should make someone get puffed up cause we are all dust and the world itself is vanity.

In your dealing with people be humble, make it a part of you cause someone influential can decide to help you achieve your goals just because of your act of humility.

Remember that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble and with God's grace in your life your success in life will know no boundaries. 
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Never use someone else's failures as an excuse not to keep trying

Every human being created by God has an appointed time to succeed which is determined by our approach or commitment.

What do i mean by that? You may ask. What i am trying to say in essence is that there are certain principles to success in life that our be very approach to those principles determines if we will fail or succeed.

Moving on to the very topic i want to talk about in this very write-up. Someone else's failures should not be an excuse to stop trying or to give up.

I say this because of some recent happenings around me where i see people sit and analyze someone else's efforts and use that to judge their present predicament.

Few days ago a friend of mine told me a story about someone he knows that was given huge amount of money by his parents to start up a business multiple times and he misused the money and for that he should not be blamed for not succeeding cause such opportunity or privilege has not been given to him.

Now, this is a very wrong and pessimistic mindset to have which if not changed will only lead to failure at the very end.

You see one thing about such mindset is that it makes one lazy because of the knowledge that someone still failed after been given a huge amount of money to do business and he then compares it to himself who has not gotten such help and starting small with such mindset becomes difficult.

One thing you should know in life is that everyone's destiny is different. 

Some people were born with a silver spoon and others weren't so which ever class you find yourself in, you just have to adapt by first and foremost accepting that very class and then making the best out of it.

Some people were meant to succeed at an earlier stage of life and others at the later stage, we just have to be patient and commit ourselves a 100% to whatsoever we do and when the time is right nothing can stop us from succeeding.

So because someone else failed multiple times doesn't mean that you will fail multiple times as well, All you have to do is to concentrate on making the best out of every single opportunity that avails itself and never stop trying cause the more you try the closer you get to your success story.

Do not want for someone to give you that huge amount of money, learn how to maximize that little income that you have at the moment. 
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Simple tips for having that desired peace of mind

Let me start by saying that having that desired peace of mind is the best thing that can ever happen to someone. it goes way beyond financial satisfaction cause having the whole money in the whole universe can never give you peace of mind.

Peace of mind as defined by google as a state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fear or stress. in this very state you experience this sense of happiness and freedom.

Continue reading below to find out some simple tips that when you put into practice you can achieve that desired peace of mind.

                               Be honest in your deeds:

Honesty is a very important virtue that can give one that desired peace of mind. When you are honest in your deeds with people, be it a business transaction or any form of human relationship you feel peace and self satisfaction because your conscience is clear of all accusations.

                              Always do the right thing:

Nothing keeps the mind at peace like doing the right thing. Sometimes it can be difficult to do the right thing but when you do that which is right, it gives you peace of mind.

No matter the pressure or the incentive that you might get to do wrong, neglect it and stand firm on that which you know is the right thing to do always.

                             Live your life and not Another's:

When you try to be like Mr A or B, you can never be at peace with yourself because right inside, you know this is not you but when you live your life you feel that sense of happiness and freedom that is incomparable.

                             Take things easy:

In your quest to succeed in life, take it one step at a time and not work yourself up over nothing. Live your life in a slow and steady basis and i assure you in due time you will succeed. <<Easy does it>>

                             Free your mind of all worries:

One thing that is certain in life is that trouble will always come but when we worry we make it double. To have that desired peace of mind you need to free your mind of all worries cause worrying over those problem will never bring solution but rather it can only worsen it.

                            Avoid impending conflicts:

Whenever you notice an impending conflict maybe due to a little misunderstanding with someone it will give you peace if you try all you can to avoid it.

Even if you are the vanquished as a result of that, does not really matter as long as you achieved that desired peace of mind at the end.

                           Learn to Give:

As the holy scripture says that "it is blessed to give than to receive". if you are a giver you notice that you feel a sense of happiness, joy and freedom  whenever you give. So make it a habit today to always give to the less privileged.

                           Do not take everything you hear serious:

Some things are just not worth the stress. Always scrutinize what you hear from people and know which and which to prioritize so you do not get worked up over irrelevant matters.

There you have it, you can have that desired peace of mind by practicing those tips. Do share your thought in the comment box below.. Till next time.. Be Good.

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Welcome to June 2017

It's yet another new month and you are able to see it, All Thanks be to God Almighty.

Many people started the month of May with us but unfortunately they weren't able to see the end of it but we are and surely it's not by our might but our God in heaven made it so.

Not that we are the most righteous or we have the best character or anything else but it's just by his grace.

So we owe all thanks and adoration to him that created the heavens and the earth for yet another month.

To you my faithful readers i say again                <<Happy new month >>

I wish you success, breakthrough, favour, and all the best things you can ever imagine. 
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8 tips to Overcome Distraction

           What is distraction?

It is something that prevents someone from concentrating on something else or a task at hand.

It is something that takes your attention away from what you are supposed to be doing at a particular time.

It is something that diverts someone's focus from something to another.

Sometimes, we get distracted while trying to achieve a certain set goal in life which tends to result in failure to achieve our goals in life.

So for one to be able to achieve his/her goals in life and also be successful in life, he/she must learn to overcome distraction.

Simple tips for overcoming distraction

1. Ask for your privacy:   

To get that desired result in a particular task, absolute concentration is vital and to  achieve that you certainly need some privacy.

Privacy from friends, family and even pets.

Anyone that has your best interest at heart will definitely understand and give you that privacy.

2. Put your phone on silent and take it to another room:

Calls, text messages and social media alerts can wait until you finish your task.

I bet you will agree with me that our phones can very distracting be it a smartphone or a non-smartphone.

So put it on silent for the moment and focus on the task at hand.

3. Disregard your environment:

Our environment is another distracting tool that we need to be mindful of.

It can come in form of sounds from the streets or people partying in a club nearby.

Try and avoid such environment that won't contribute to your cause unless you have that grace to withstand such environment.

4. Do not compromise "Be clear":

Making your intentions known to people in clear terms without compromise is very important if you want to overcome distraction.

Making an honest request to people about your intention without compromise is vital.

Make them know how important what you are doing is to you and if they want you to succeed they will surely oblige.

5. Take control of your inner thoughts:

Avoid any thought that diverts your focus from the task at hand.

Negative thoughts like what if, how can, can this be and how possible is this always cross our mind at this moment.

The manner you handle such thoughts determines how successful the task will be.

6. Postpone if need be:

One thing you should know is that it's not a matter of working hard but rather it's a matter of working smart.

If you do not finish that task today, tomorrow is another day.

Once you find it so difficult to focus and concentrate, postpone it and continue another day.

7. Turn internet connection off:

Internet can be very distracting especially social media networks like facebook, twitter, whatsapp and the rest.

If you really need the web to complete your task then put all social media notifications off and use the Internet because a single notification from any of those can make you lose your entire focus.

8. Take a deep breath:

When you feel like loosing your focus after all your efforts to keep focused.

Take some time off maybe 20 seconds and do a physical exercise of breathing in and out until the distraction goes away.

Do this to get you back on track and focus to complete that very task.

Was this article helpful? 

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Till next time... #Focus

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How to get rid of whooping cough at home

by Xubi Thu

What is whooping-cough?

Whooping-cough is a common disease in young children which mainly acute respiratory infections caused by bacteria Bordetella pertussis and very contagious. According to WHO statistics, there are around 30-50 million people worldwide each year suffer from pertussis, of whom around 300,000 deaths, most of them under 1 year of age and in the underdeveloped countries. The disease is easily spread through the respiratory tract.

Causes of whooping-cough

The main cause of whooping-cough is invasion of the Bordetella pertussis bacteria into the upper respiratory tract and then localized and developed in the epithelium of the larynx, trachea, where the bacteria will Produces a toxin called Pertussis toxin - the main virulent protein that plays a role in the disease. In the days of frequent wet weather, neither hot nor cold air is the ideal condition for Bordetella pertussis to grow and thrive. Young children are susceptible to this disease.

The symptoms of whooping-cough in children.

     When infected with Bordetella pertussis, the children may have a mild fever or no fever, followed by dry cough, sneezing, runny nose, increased coughing at night, and coughing.

     The cough becomes more and more typical when the children is getting heavier, coughing suddenly occurs the time of day, the children can cough continuously for a while, then gradually decrease. If cough lasts longer, it can make children tired, uncomfortable, red eyes, watery eyes, and when children breathe, there will be hissing sounds like chicken hiss.

     If parents do not detect and intervene early for children to allow children to cough constantly prolonged, the children will become increasingly tired, can breathe fast and can’t eat. When the children cough with white sputum and vomiting, it gradually can cause serious respiratory failure of the children.

     In the early stages of illness, the children will have mild coughing episodes. The incubation period of whooping-cough is 7 to 10 days make the children become more cough with runny nose. When you breathe, there will be hissing like a hiss of the chicken. If it is not detected early and treated, the disease becomes worse, leading to coughing, loss of appetite, fatigue, tearing of the nose. After coughing, the children often blush or difficulty breathing due to the cough not enough oxygen to breathe, gradually causing respiratory failure. When the children do not have enough oxygen to breathe, it leads to acute respiratory failure and the children can die.

According to national immunization regulations and schedules, the children should vaccinate three full doses of whooping-cough vaccine to gain the highest preventive effect of up to 90%.

Stay away from people with signs of whooping-cough, if someone in the family who has whooping-cough is in need of treatment, the other member should wear a face mask when in close contact with the patient and direction of treatment. You check whole family because the disease is very contagious through the air.

How to treat whooping-cough in the children

      For older children who have whooping cough and uncomplicated complications, they will treat with specific antibiotics within 10 to 14 days as directed, avoiding the use tranquilizers, dysmenorrhea and antihistamines because these drugs are not effective but also dangerous for patient.

      Whooping-cough is usually treated with antibiotics and early treatment that is very important. Treatment can make infection less serious before the coughs develop. The treatment also helps prevent the spread of the disease to those in close contact (who spend more time around the infected person).  The treatment after 3 weeks of illness is almost ineffective because the bacteria have disappeared from the body of the children, even if the children still has symptoms. This is because bacteria have hurt the body of the children.

      For infants less than 6 months of age need inpatient treatment in the hospital, mothers should supply nutrients to children to increase the resistance, the child to eat liquid foods, and breastfeed many times during the day when they wants.

      During the treatment, the children should drink plenty of water, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits, fresh fruit juices or eat easy-to-eat foods such as porridge, milk ...
The above are the causes and home remedies for whooping-cough, hopefully the article will bring a lot of useful information.

Post Credit: Authority Remedies 
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