5 Vital Health Benefits of Early Morning Work-Outs

Early morning work-out or exercise has a whole lot of benefits but in this very blog post i singled out five benefits of working out that i feel in my own opinion is very vital. Straight to the point, Below are five vital health benefits of early morning work-outs or exercise>>

1. Boost your focus level: Are you finding it difficult to focus whenever you want to achieve a particular task? Early morning work-outs can help boost your focus level cause i tried it and it worked for me. After working-out it's discovered that it makes your mind free of all stress and worries and relaxes your muscles thereby making it very easy to focus.

2. Helps solve sleeping difficulties: If you find it difficult to sleep, Exercise can be a solution to it. What exercise does is this, it helps keep you agile during the day for a sound sleep later at night.

3. Boost your energy level: You may be wondering how especially when exhausted. Expert analysis is of the viewpoint that low intensity exercise can help reduce the fatigue level and help boost your energy level by 20%.

4. Better all round performance: From your daily work routine to tasks and any other activities you plan to engage yourself in, Work-outs can help for a better all round performance in all those.

5. Increase life span: The ernest desires of every human being on earth is to live a long fulfilling life especially when you have loved ones. Early morning work-outs can help increase your life span. It helps keep you happy, healthy and fit at all times. There was a research that was published years back 2012 to be precise which studied over 650,000 people and it was discovered that 150 minutes of moderate exercise increase one's life span by 3.4 years. So make it a duty from today if you haven't started to exercise for at least 15 minutes or thereabout everyday so you can stay strong and healthy at all times thereby increasing your life span.

In Conclusion: There are a whole lot of benefits to work-outs but i just singled out this 5 which i feel is very vital. So if you do engage in early morning work-outs do share your own health benefits in the comment box below but if you don't work-out "at all" start today cause it is beneficial.
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Ills of Desperation

It is with great pleasure and gladness of heart that i pick my pen once again to write for you my beloved readers and also thank you immensely for your continuous patronage of this very blog and i must say that i am very glad this very day as i write on this very topic "Ills of Desperation".

I would love to start by outlining it's comprehensive definitions so that you get a clearer picture of what am about to write about on this very blog post.

What is Desperation? Desperation according to Wiktionary which is my favorite dictionary because of the details they provide when it comes to words definitions is

1. The act of despairing(feeling, expressing or caused by despair) or becoming desperate, a giving up of hope.

2. A state of despair(to give up as beyond hope or expectation) or utter hopeless(giving no ground for hope,promising nothing desirable) abandonment of hope, extreme recklessness(the state or quality of being reckless or heedless of, taking unnecessary risks) reckless fury.

With the above definitions i believe you now have a clearer picture of the word desperation.

Now with the above descriptions of the word desperation you notice that the major cause of it is Giving up or Losing hope.

I know quite well that some conditions or situations can really be differences but i am telling you today to always see beyond every awful or difficult conditions you find yourself today or in the future, try to imagine the positives that will come later so that no condition will ever make you take some reckless decisions out of desperation. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Below are some Ills of Desperation:

1. Aftermath Regret: Most thing or acts done out of desperation are bound to fail. When you do anything or take some reckless decisions you find out that you always regret at the end of it all when failure is the outcome.

2. Mistakes: Of course mistakes are bound to happen in desperate acts because that very act was not well thought-out in the first instance so to avoid those mistakes avoid doing anything out of desperation rather carefully think it over before taking any action.

3. Short life span: Desperation can lead to an early grave in the activities of some illegal dealings because of loss of hope in the current situation that one may find him or herself thereby causing the person to take some reckless decisions that is capable of leading to someone's early grave when caught.

4. Higher percentage to fail: Whatsoever one does out of desperation has a higher percentage to fail. Reason being that, that very act was not properly planned or thought-out. It is without doubt that anything well planned and thought-out has lower percentage to fail because in the cause of thinking and planning a lot of factors were considered and taken care of.

      My Advice:

Do not be desperate to achieve anything or attain any heights in life rather hope on it getting better and it will surely get better at the right time.

Have that positive mindset that you will eventually succeed regardless of the state of that very situation you are in at the moment.

Remember; There is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Till next time people thanks for reading. #gidokblogcares 
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Happy Birthday to my beloved Mum

It was an awesome day on the 6th of July 2017 as i and my siblings celebrated my beautiful and wonderful mum.

So we decided to take some pictures to commemorate this great day... See those pictures below...

Keep those beautiful wishes coming in the comment box below>>
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Daddy Etoo - Sweet Loving [prod By Remy Johnson]

TABI A.NDAH AKA "Daddy Eto'o''. Born in the northwest region of Cameroon but presently based in south Africa , He just dropped his 1st official single titled "SWEET LUVING" featuring Nigerian born but South African based singer "Skinnz", produced byREMY JOHNSON 
"SWEET LUVING" is an amazing Afro pop sound and it's making big waves back home,Nigeria and internationally 

Follow him on all social media platforms @daddyetoofficial


Click Here to Download and Enjoy
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How to Save for Retirement and it's Benefits

Saving for retirement is a very good thing that makes a lot of things easier after retirement but i noticed is very difficult for people to actually save for retirement so in this very article i will outline some basic tips that can help you save for retirement.

I was listening to a radio program (on Hot FM) in that very program they were discussing about this very topic and some few points they made in that very program are very vital and thought i should share them here so that my beloved readers will also know about them and put them into practice as well.

Simple tips to help save for Retirement

1. Start Early: Do not listen to lies people tell that "You are still young" Trust me the earlier the better. Take for instance that you are 20years of age at the moment and you are earning #20,000 every month which can increase in the cause of time, take out #3,000 from it every month and save for retirement then multiply it for the next 40years or thereabout when you retire you will notice that you will have a whole lot of money to sustain you after retirement.

2. Do not rely on one job: Try to have multiple means of income that will increase your earnings and also help to increase the percentage you save every month.

3. Stick to a certain Percentage: Be consistent with the percentage you save monthly. Instead of decreasing the percentage, increase it because maintaining same percentage or increasing it will help you have a substantial amount of money by the time you eventually retires.

4. No amount is too small to save: Often i hear people say that i earn so little amount of money so that is the reason i cannot save for retirement but that is not true. In that very program they gave an example that basically explains this of people that complains of earning so little but still have a side chic( girlfriend) that they spend money on of which they could have set their priorities right and save that money that is being spent on their "side chic" for their future. No matter how little you earn try as much as possible to save for retirement.

5. Suffer yourself a bit: What do i really mean by that you may ask? If it will require living a supposed low class life to see that you have money to save for retirement so be it cause it's for a better future. Disregard that luxurious lifestyle and try as much as you can to maximize that income you earn effectively.

6. Do not look at your parents inheritance: Hoping on your parents inheritance will only make you Lazy trust me. If your parents are wealthy and have so many assets at their disposal, that's a very good thing but that should not make you to rest all your hope on those inheritance what if thing turns bad in the future (God forbid though) and those properties need to be sold to save the situation, what will now be your fate? Think about it. So my candid advice on this work hard and make your own money and save for retirement.

     Benefits of Saving for Retirement:

Saving for retirement has numerous benefits attached to it. For example when you save for retirement>>

* You have financial security at retirement.

* You can afford what you need at retirement.

* You can retire early.

* Your income at retirement will be stable.

In Conclusion: Take the initiative today, do not wait for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Start now and make it a duty to save for retirement.
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Welcome to July 2017 (Happy New Month)

Wow!! So we are now in the second half of this year(Wonderful) I must say that am very grateful to God Almighty for this great privilege cause i know most people did not make it thus far but it's not because they are very bad or the worst sinners and we are the most righteous but it's by God's grace i must say.

Am also grateful that you also made it to the second half of this year with me and i urge you to make out time and just give thanks unto God Almighty cause him alone is worthy and able to do this.

        My best wishes for you

* I wish you favour

* I wish you more grace

* I wish you long life and prosperity

* May all you weren't able to achieve in the first half be achieved in this second half

* I wish you fruitfulness

* I wish you success and breakthrough

Once again i say <<HappyNewMonth>>
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Tropidoc.com, a new platform that provides a channel for patients to instantly reserve spots in scarce and difficult to find specialist clinics currently covers Abuja and recently opened up Nasarawa as they continue their gradual nationwide expansion.

Tropidoc indexes clinics that run within health facilities and hospitals and helps patients to reserve spots in those clinics. Patients can find when a particular specialist clinic will run in a particular hospital within the week and can go ahead and reserve an appointment to consult with the specialist. 

Plagued with shortage of health care specialists, it takes an average two to three weeks and multiple referrals to find and reserve appointments to see specialists in most tertiary health institutions in Nigeria. However several of these specialist clinics run in various hospitals daily. Tropidoc eliminates this problem by providing a platform where patients can instantly find these clinics and reserve appointments instantly, including same-day appointments.
Patients can also review hospitals and clinics they have visited. These reviews are unique because only patients that have actually kept an appointment with a clinic can actually review it. Tropidoc also benefits hospitals as it provides them wider visibility and helps them attract new patients

About Tropidoc

Tropidoc was founded by a team of two doctors and an engineer - Drs Kizito Egeonu and Mak Milaham and Engr Charles Nwocha.

Frustrated by how difficult it is to get their referred patients to see a specialist as soon as possible and how difficult to find specialist clinics to refer to, the trio set out to code this project. They bring a combined 8 years experience in healthcare and extensive entrepreneurial experience in various fields to the table.
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Get Your Business Listed on Nigeria's Largest Coupon Book

“ENJOY-LAGOS” is a Discount Publication Project aimed at stimulating the local economy while offering attractive discounts to shoppers, tourists and visitors to Lagos state. ENJOY AFRICA Discounts & Tours is its parent company.

ENJOY-LAGOS will collate thousands of special offers and rebates from local retailers, and make them available to the public. Their quarterly publication would contain about 350 Coupon Pages of discounts worth over 5 million Naira.

To be distributed to

  • Domestic and International Airports

  • Local and International Airlines

  • Duty Free Shops

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Malls

  • Tourist, Arts and Culture Centers

“ENJOY-LAGOS” also seeks to be the largest operator of Africa-tours in exposing tourists and visitors alike to Africa's endless picturesque beaches, sun-touched sand dunes, and open blue skies at an affordable cost.

This project is aimed at being the most trusted guide to discovering Africa's 54 countries each with its own proud history, flourishing arts and culture, diverse urban and rural inhabitants, and culinary indulgences through their discount offers.

In promoting travel, tourism and transport to and within Africa; “ENJOY-LAGOS” will also be promoting the sustainable development and preservation of each country's unique cultural heritage in an effort to advocate for Africa as a leading global travel destination.

Enjoy-Lagos is the ideal leisure handbook
For every household, it caters to every class of shoppers.
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Rejection comes with loads of Positives

Let That Rejection Drive You

What exactly does that word rejection really mean in this very context?

Rejection in this very context is the state of being abandoned, deserted, forsaken, refused and jilted. 

All this feelings can be as a result of the ill treatments gotten from friends, family, firms, peer groups or the society at large. This treatments can be as a result of one's present state financially, Academically and otherwise which can only get better with time so far as there is life.

The world is never a bed of roses as we all know, Everyone on earth have trying times that can either make or mar you depending on your approach.

Like a good friend of mine once said and i quote "that he cannot remember the last time he cried because it's been long not because the world is too rosy or he do not have reasons to or have never been rejected, considered not good enough or stuffs like that but he knows that being rejected or considered not good enough is to him a wake up call and not a time to cry, feel pity, sorrow and accept rejection rather it is an opportunity to look into yourself, improve and work on your weaknesses and return strong". 

Being rejected comes with loads of positives if you take it the right way, Rejection acts as a catalyst in one's life because it helps discover those hidden talents and potentials in you that you never knew you had and actually putting them to work.

Do you have that still, craft or whatsoever you have strong believe in and you are getting rejections left, right and center? Do not be traumatized by that rather brace yourself up and let that very rejection drive you so that the next time you do that same thing of which you got those rejections they will have no other reason not to accept your work and that is down to the extra work you put into that very craft because of the rejection you got.

I would love to conclude by saying that the positives that comes with rejection should overwhelm it's negatives in your life so that all the trauma and depression that comes with rejection can be conquered.

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Greater Percentage of Man's Problems is Self-made

Do you believe that? Maybe after reading this very article you will be convinced that greater Percentage of Man's Problems is Self-made.

It is without doubt that there are evil forces, powers(both seen and unseen), demons and spiritual wickedness in high places that tend to disrupt our progress in life but that notwithstanding, greater percentage of the problems one face or encounters in life is within.

I will like to give some instances that will make you align with my verdict on this and if you have such problem you then know the right approach in getting it solved.


This has been a major menace in the world today. There are many factors that are major causes of this.. It can be as a result of poor governance, inability to ascertain the area one is very good at, lack of perseverance, fear of leaving someone's comfort zone, not taking that bold step forward, laziness and the list goes on and on.

You would notice that out of all the factors listed above just one has to do with the government's incompetence while others are Self-made. If you should dig deep in the life of anyone that is unemployed today you will find out that the person is the primary cause of it and not anyone else.


From my research recently and owing to the recent occurrences around me i found out that everyone in life gets an opportunity or numerous opportunities in their lifetime and the way or manner they utilize those opportunities is what determines if they will be rich or poor in life.

So for anyone that is poor today, that should be as a result of the way the person utilized the opportunities gotten in life.


There are certain principles to succeeding in life that if not properly adopted will only lead to failure(that is the fact)

As i earlier mentioned in this very article that some evil people use charms to manipulate people's destinies in life but most times we bring it upon ourselves due to our carelessness and nonchalant attitude. The only Solution to this is to distance ourselves from those people that we know are evil and trade with caution then focus on working hard to be successful with this you will definitely succeed.

Our major problem has always been our mindset and the consciousness of this charms effect on our well-being. If you can discard such mindset and focus solely on achieving your goals and being successful i assure you that you will definitely succeed.

In Conclusion: Remember that the only way forward is forward, do not adopt that mindset that there is a witch or wizard somewhere that is responsible for your problems cause greater percentage of one's problem is within, work on yourself first. 
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